Crankles: Cranky Ankles

grumpy_cat_by_flicker_dolls-d77hxa5New shoes, scary twinges of pain. What to do.

I’ve only run on the treadmill, so they’re still ok to return, not many miles on them, but I can’t bear the thought of returning them. I lurve them.

Yesterday I ran 5 mi total, 2.5 in old shoes, 2.5 in new shoes. This morning, I stepped down one step into my family room and felt a pain in my ankle. This isn’t the first time since the new shoes.

I’m wondering if it’s because they’re stability shoes and my ankle is angry about being stopped from going where it wants to go. I can relate to that. I’m wondering if it’s because of my age. I’m wondering if I’d be having this injury at any point in my life regardless of shoes because injuries just happen. But I’m not ready to call this an injury, yet.

How do I tame this ankle?

Most articles I’m reading suggest returning the shoes. Boo!

Some suggest breaking new ones in is a big deal.

I can’t give up on them yet. I’ll try more breaking in. As per the picture above, I’ll tend to the cranky, grousing ankle before it starts screaming, “Get off my lawn, you blasted kids!” Getting old stinks. Feeling: Crankle-y.



3 thoughts on “Crankles: Cranky Ankles

  1. I haven’t been here in a REALLY long time, but just happened to have some free time with no one at home to bug me, so I’ve been reading blogs I used to read all the time before I got a full-time job. (All that for background so you don’t think I’m some weird stalker.) I’m a 53-year old running grandma as well, and I can attest to the fact that some shoes are just not good for the ankle. I have always run in Asics and never had a problem until three years ago, in the middle of training for a half marathon, I needed new shoes. That year (2012), Asics had made all their shoes narrower, so none of them fit. I wound up with the Nike Vomero, which I loved to pieces, until I started having problems with my achilles tendons. I made it through the half and then bought new Asics, and just like that, no more achilles problem. But I still had the old Nikes, so after a YEAR, I tried them out again, and FIRST TIME OUT, my achilles were hurting. Definitely the shoes. Different shoes work (or don’t) for different people. Just my experience, but I would ditch them.

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