“I’m Still Standing ….”

It’s an old Elton John song about survival, so I scooped the lyric for my update here.

I’m still running about three days per week, 4-5 miles at a time. I’m using a new app callthumbnailed “Strava” which helps me keep all kinds of records.

Facebook gobbles up any interesting thoughts or events, like the time I recently met an elderly gentleman who stopped me to chat, and when we finished admonished me, “Hey, when you see me again out here, don’t stop me.” I found this terribly amusing, and I’m not sure what fate had in mind for us to meet, but we did. And my un-paused Strava shows that we had a nice leisurely chat.

I still love my 4 mile loop, never tire of the same sights, even find them comforting. And this summer, I didn’t run anywhere out of my comfort zone. I never even crossed McGalliard because in the early spring, I saw the collateral damage from a fatal accident on the corner of Oakwood and McGalliard, exactly where I cross. Something in me wilted that week, and each time I passed by the skid marks after the initial day, I grieved and felt vulnerable.

But this is only August 9, so I may decide to run on the BSU campus yet. We’re having really mild weather right, perfect for running.

I guess the highlight of the summer was the Indy Mini. I was just about two minutes slower than last year, which turned out to be an unexpected result, as I felt great in the last stretch, better than ever, and pushed myself. I’m not sure how much of the slowing is due to age, weather, shoes, etc. I’ll never know. But I’ll never quit, as long as I can run intelligently and avoid toes getting caught in concrete cracks — but that’s a story for another day.