Tricks of the Grandma Running Trade


Every day my granddaughter takes a nap, sometimes for 30 minutes, sometimes for 2 hours. I never know what to expect. Since she arrives in the mornings, it’s difficult for me to get a run in before she gets here. Thus, I’ve been striving for a nap time run for some weeks because I just can’t run in the evenings after she goes home. I think my perfect hour of running (I was going to say, “Hour of Power,” but that has been taken by a TV pulpit)  is about 10:00am, which only happens on the days I don’t have her. 

The problem is, her room is directly across from the exercise room, and the treadmill is noisy. OK, my footfall is noisy, too.

So once I rock her and lay her down, I haul an air purifier from the other end of the house that I use at night mainly for white noise. I crank that thing up just outside her door so that the air in her room doesn’t get dry. 

Then I either turn on the TV, muted with closed captioning on, or I listen with buds to music. So all there is to hear is the hum of the purifier mingled with the whir of the treadmill. So far so good. Many times I’m able to get in 3 miles, so I can’t complain. Well, I can always complain about the Midwest winter weather, but that doesn’t count!





Tying Up the End of a Running Goal


Some Sundays are leisurely; some are not. Today was not. The holidays are winding down, but we had an impromptu family gathering at our home this afternoon. And then our little granddaughter got sick. 

About 6:00pm, I remembered that I had not run my allotted miles today which will tie up my running goal exactly on December 31. 

I didn’t feel like the treadmill at 6:00. I was tired, and my legs are a bit stiff from not stretching. But because of that goal I set almost 365 days ago, I got on, got it done. Sloooowwwwly.

Oh the power of a specific, measurable, attainable goal. Uh, that should work for weight loss, too, right?


Grandma Was NOT Run Over by a Reindeer

I’ve got a new design!
Still here! Still running. In fact, I’m closing in on a goal I set for myself in 2014: 500 miles. After announcing that, I immediately want to apologize for or rationalize this goal because it’s not much compared to others’. However, it has been a challenge for me in the context of my life, and I’m proud to say I’m going to make the goal (unless tragedy befalls in the next 3 days.) My first goal was 250 miles by June 1, which I failed to meet. So most of my mileage was made up after June. Today I am 11 miles away from my goal.

Underlying joy: *I GET NEW SHOES!*

We have re-purposed one bedroom as an exercise room, with an elliptical, treadmill, mat, weights and TV, so now I’m all set for the winter. I survived the holidays and kept running. No reindeer hoof prints on me.

Now I’m contemplating goals for 2015. I’m actually excited to set goals because now I know they’re attainable. I can do it!


A 5k While Baby Sleeps

A 5k While Baby Sleeps

Last night I set my alarm for 5:15am.
Then I changed it to 6:00.
Then 6:15.

This morning, I got up at 7:00. Not enough time to run before JRoo got here. Darn it. Why am I so lazy?

She took her first nap at 9:15 today, and I wasted no time hopping on the treadmill, except those minutes wasted when I couldn’t find my running shoes. ??

I figured I had 30 minutes.

I hopped off and checked on her at every mile because I recently gave my monitor away and was afraid I wouldn’t hear her, although she is in the room next to the exercise room. But the droning of the treadmill and THREE fans I have going makes it difficult to hear her tiny cry.

The beautiful, sweet angel slept 2 hours.

So in that time, I ran 3.1 miles in 35:54.

And then I actually got a shower and did my hair and makeup.


She’s awake now. It’s time for another kind of running!

How do you sneak runs into your busy day?


50th Birthday, Personal Mini Marathon

50th Birthday, Personal Mini Marathon

Taken 10/4/12. Almost a grandma–that would happen 1/23/13.This is a fitting pic as I begin to write about running through middle age.

But today is June 17, and my little granddaughter is nearing the 5 month mark. She is sleeping as I write this first post. When she napped briefly this morning, I hopped on the treadmill, but I was only able to accomplish 30 minutes. After she woke, I took her for a mile-long stroller adventure, running some of that mile. She enjoyed the occasional bump in the sidewalk, but it wasn’t a true effort to run on my part. Tonight, when she goes home, I will have exhausted all of my middle aged vim and vigor and will promise myself, “I’ll get up early tomorrow and run before she arrives,” which is 8:00am. But I am a promise-breaker!

I’ve got to shore up my commitment to running because it makes me a better person. I am a daughter to elderly parents, a wife of 28 years to my college sweetheart, mother of three young adult children, and the role most dear to my heart, grandmother to one, whom I have nicknamed “JRoo.”

I’m running to stay healthy, young at heart, young in mind, body, and spirit. I run because I want to be the best I can be and because even when I hate running, I also still love it. I’ll never be fast; I’ll never be smooth or look great while running. It doesn’t matter. Life is not about speeding everything up; it’s about enjoying it, sharing it and finding meaning. I’m living a privileged life–I’ve lived to see my first grandchild, and my body still “goes.” These are not small things, and I’m not taking them for granted. Someday I will not be able to run one more step. Today is not that day, so I’m celebrating with the creation of this blog.